Irrespective of the type and size of your project, one thing we can guarantee every time is quality and reliability. With audioone, you have a fair partner whose employees are passionate about what they do and keep up to date with the latest developments. On request, we can act as general contractor and co-ordinate the entire project. For the duration of the work, we provide you with dedicated contact persons who ensure a continual flow of information. After the end of the project we are, of course, available for taking over the support and maintenance of your systems.


Complex media projects present a major challenge for all parties. We have many years of experience in the analysis of requirements, the development of concepts and investment planning, and can thus ensure a sound basis for the successful technical and economic implementation, whether it is a new installation, migration or relocation.

We discuss with you, on a product-neutral basis, your system requirements and preferences during the individual stages of planning. Choosing a subcontractor well-suited to the realisation of your project as part of the procurement is also a main focus of our service portfolio as is monitoring their performance during the realisation period.

We would be delighted to carry out the on-site supervision once the project has been completed and support you in the secure handling of the new systems.  We are also available to assist and advise you on specific areas such as electronics, air-conditioning and acoustics.


Our project engineers, who are part of our committed and highly-motivated team, have comprehensive product knowledge and many years of experience in the area of project planning. Thus, a high level of planning security is guaranteed while also providing the flexibility to create unconventional solutions.

Of course, our future-proof and investment-secure concepts contain the best possible combination of proven and innovative technologies. At the same time, we are so adaptable that we can take into account any changes requested by our clients, be it during the planning or completion stage.

Our objective is to provide the best possible planning security for our clients and us and to ensure that, from a technical and commercial perspective, your requests are implemented within pre-agreed deadlines.


Our engineers and technicians, pooling their years of experience, execute projects to the highest standards and in close consultation with our clients. This will ensure that statutory norms and the needs of our customers are strictly adhered to.

With our well-coordinated assembly and installation team, we guarantee that the planned measures are implemented with the highest quality of workmanship. We also honour agreed deadlines, particularly in the case of the timely completion of the different system parts. Thanks to our electronic project platform, we ensure maximum transparency at every stage of the project. Our services include:

  • Cable installation (audio, video, data, LWL)
  • Assembly and installation work
  • Commissionings
  • Configurations
  • Metrological inspections and approvals


The choice of options for the best technology can only be fully exploited if the users are able to master the operation of these systems and understand them in detail. This is why we provide bespoke workshops as well as user and administrator training programmes.  We develop training concepts with our clients, which are tailored to their specific needs. The areas covered by our workshops include:

  • Digital mixing desks
  • Broadcast automation
  • Audio editing and production systems
  • Telephone hybrids and audio codecs


Even after completion and delivery of a project, we are there for our customers.

Our highly qualified service team is the partner at your side, when it comes to carrying out support services of any kind, from support for operations staff through to full support. We develop tailor-made support and maintenance concepts to allow for regular studio upkeep and maintenance of hardware and software.

You can also turn to us in cases of breakdowns. Our 24-hour support hotline is open to you 365 days a year. The compliance to agreed response times, whether by phone, remote or in person on site, guarantees quick support when equipment fails.

Furthermore, we offer an equipment repair service by authorised specialists plus the stocking of replacement components to guarantee recovery time.

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