Our wide range of products includes everything you need for your work in radio or TV studios: from headphones to mixing consoles and complete studio information systems - at an affordable price. During the past years, we have demonstrated our capabilities to our many satisfied customers. Thanks to well-developed distribution structures, we guarantee a fast delivery, including delivery status updates. Should there ever occur any guarantee or warranty cases, you can rely on our coming to a non-bureaucratic solution.

Broad­cast and media tech­nology

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ids studio infor­mation system

IDS consists of dedicated software and hardware that use a standard TCP/IP backbone.  It can be easily scaled to suit any installation, delivering anything from simple timing and tally information to complex station-wide control functionality via networked displays and intuitive touchscreens.

IDS integrates with essential broadcast equipment, interfaces with third party control and playout systems, controls cameras, DMX lighting, mixers and many other common devices; while its intuitive software enables simple user configuration and workflow changes.

IDS components in the audioone online shop.

Line distri­bution

audioone provides you with the complete line distribution from one source - from the concept through to installation. We deal with the studio transmitter link, connect disparate locations and develop fallback strategies as well as redundancy concepts and also ensure the monitoring, where required.

Inter­net stream­ing

Thanks to our partners in high-performance computer centres we are equipped with an infrastructure that provides high scalability. Of course we can also offer the monitoring of data streams which, next to the monitoring of network activities, also includes a user analysis (time, duration, geolocation).