About us

Choose audioone, the high-profile, highly recommended IT specialists for broadcast and media installations with a superb profile and proven track record. We work with you to plan and develop bespoke, manufacturer-independent and system-neutral solutions which are cost-effective for your business.

Who we are

Innovative concepts from single solutions to complex systems. We offer the complete service portfolio from a single source.

  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Support
  • Product sales

Who we are

We are able to provide you with a dedicated range of services, including: consultation, planning, implementation, training, support and product distribution. On request, we also act as general contractor with all the responsibility, expertise and long-standing project experience of our team of selected specialists.

Our business divisions are:

  • Radio broadcasting
  • IT systems
  • TV and synchronisation
  • Media technology

Our mission state­ment

You will find the answers to these and more in our mission statement, where we have laid down the fundamental values and aims of audioone.

The mission statement helps us to make the correct and most sensible decisions in our -often hectic - daily routine. It outlines what we stand for and what inspires us. This is so you always know where you stand with audioone.

  • The customer's wishes  are our top priority.
  • We seek to establish an open, co-operative and long-term relationship with our business partners that is based on fairness, trust and reliability.
  • We always aim to find the best offer for our customers.
  • We allow room for new ideas and creativity and have the courage to tread new paths, together with our customers, to arrive at the best possible solutions.
  • We deliver top quality.
  • We know who we are and are proud of our know-how.
  • We honour agreed deadlines.
  • We are always open to constructive criticism.
  • We respect and value people and the environment and are happy to assume corporate social responsibility.


Are you interested in taking up an exciting internship? Find out here what you can expect and what we expect from you:

Are you keen on an exciting challenge with responsibility?
We are currently looking for apprentices to support our Berlin team in the following fields:

        Project development, implementation / studio construction
        (Studio design, installation)


You have technical understanding and are interested in broadcast and media technology. You are flexible, reliable and meticulous. You have excellent computer and internet skills, work well in a team and are interested in getting to know an internationally operating IT company for broadcasting and media installations.

We can offer you exciting tasks and give you jobs where you are responsible for your own work as part of a friendly team. The various internships currently on offer are for a period of at least three months – preferably longer.

Please send your detailed application by post to Stefan Schleichert, audioone gmbh, Am Studio 20A, 12489 Berlin or by email: s.schleichert@audioone.de.

Contact us if you require further information or have any queries, tel: +49 30 787 790-0.


Are you inspired by technology, love challenges and are a team player with ambition, tenacity and can work accurately? Would you like to train up for an exciting profession in an exciting company, which offers you a range of opportunities and long-term prospects?

No apprenticeships available at the moment. We will probably offer new apprenticeships in summer 2018.


Here you can download a list of references from various areas of expertise at audioone (in German).